New Parking Enforcement Initiative

New Parking Enforcement Initiative

On the recommendation of the Hasbrouck Heights Police Department, the Mayor and Council are moving forward with a new parking enforcement initiative to curb illegal parking along our Boulevard.

Due to the increase in traffic on the Boulevard corridor, the violations of illegal parking have significantly increased (blocking intersections, double-parking, etc.).  To mitigate the risks this behavior presents to our residents, the Hasbrouck Heights Police Department Traffic Bureau has been researching possible solutions to increase the safety at intersections caused by these illegally parked vehicles and have recommended the implementation of Municipal Parking Services (MPS) Safety Sticks.

This recommendation included installing 10 Safety Sticks along the Boulevard, protecting no-parking areas and crosswalks.  The way it works is simple, if any vehicle parks or idles in a zone where the Safety Stick is located, for more than 30 seconds, a picture will be taken of the license plate, captured in a database that only our HHPD has access to and a ticket will be released by the HHPD the following am.                  

The Safety Sticks are installed and will be active beginning this Saturday, 4/28. 

The Mayor and Council would like to thank Chief Joe Rinke and Lt. Robertson for identifying a solution that will make the Boulevard a safer place for our residents and mitigate the risks associated with dangerous parking behaviors. 

Should you have any questions, please call Borough Hall at 201-288-0195.

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